Color Combinations

The Color Combinations listed are the colors that the Pro Football Teams typically use. The combinations are also used for College and High School football teams. If you would like a color combination that isn’t listed here and would like to place a special order, please contact me at and I will let you know if I have those colors in stock. If I don’t have them in stock, I will let you know how quickly I estimate that I will be able to get them and get your items made.

There may be some variation in the colors due to dye lots. If you order several items, I will make every effort to see that your items come from the same dye lot.

The item numbers will start with the Color Combination number, then an E (Earrings), B (Bracelet), or A (Anklet) and end with XS (Extra Small), S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), or XL (Extra Large) - the XS and XL are on the bracelets only. For example 101AS - A red and gold anklet in small. Earrings are available as non-pierced at no extra charge. Simply add N at the end of the order # for the earrings.

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If you have questions on how to order, you can email me (Christie) at

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Color Combinations 

Item # Team Colors

101 49ers Red, Gold

102 Titans Blue, Red

103 Rams Blue, Gold

104 Saints Black, Gold

105 Texans Red, Blue

106 Seahawks Blue, Silver, Green

107 Giants Blue, Grey

108 Jets Green, White

109 Red Skins Red, Yellow

110 Cardinals Red, Black, Yellow

111 Jaguars Black, Gold, Aqua Blue

112 Bears Orange, Black

113 Eagles Green, Grey

114 Colts Blue White

115 Falcons Red, Black

116 Ravens Navy Blue, Gold

117 Bengals Black, Orange

118 Panthers Black, Aqua Blue

119 Browns Orange, Brown

120 Bills Red, Navy Blue

121 Broncos White, Orange, Black

122 Lions Blue, White

123 Packers Green, Gold

124 Patriots Red, White, Blue

125 Chiefs Red, White

126 Dolphins Orange, Aqua Green

127 Vikings Purple, Yellow

128 Raiders Black, White

129 Steelers Black, Yellow

130 Chargers Blue, Yellow, White

131 Buccaneers Red, Gold

132 Cowboys Silver, Blue