Our Story

Penny Kruse, Susan Beem, and Christie Pegoda came together to start a non profit company to finance the ministry projects that they wanted to do in their neighborhood and community. Penny is the voice and face of the company. Christie likes to work behind the scenes and Susan is the glue that keeps them grounded. They each have talents that the others don't and that helps them work well together to help others in need.

Christie has worked as a church secretary for 12 years and is now retired.  Shw was blessed to work with people who came in off the street needing help. She was able to help them through the church's outreach group.

Penny has about 45 years of Al Anon background. She has spent the last 12 years working with a cancer program, helping women and their families. She also helped with support groups for women and men who had had cancer in their families.

Our Vision

We want to help those who are in need of a Christian 12 Step Program. We hope to be able to also have classes on budgeting and on whatever else the community needs. We live in an area of poverty and drug and alcohol addiction. Two of us have come out of alcohol and drug addiction and one has come out of enabling an alcoholic. God has blessed us with tough times so that we may help others who might be going through those same struggles today. We want to bring some calmness and peace into peoples lives through Jesus Christ.

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